About ‘science if for squares’

what brought you here, is irrelevant. and so is the name. what is relevant, is the fact that you’re here. i had an epiphany. since moving to vancouver in june of 2010, i have been immersed deeply into the vancouver music scene, and have had some amazing experiences. also, being a student studying music, i have gained a deeper respect for most types of music and different aspects within that of the genre. there is still music that i’m not into, but there’s a part of it that just makes sense. being a musician myself, i can really respect that. i go see a lot of shows and i see some wicked shit. i thought maybe someone else might want to know about it. this blog is to enlighten you of any musicians, bands, or whatever, and i encourage you to just feel the music and where it came from. please read with an open mind and find the mastery of craft within the music and leave your bias comments for your journal. this me being real, about real music. thanksforreading. peace.

if you have suggestions for bands or other shit i should check out, fill out the form below.


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